Leave the earth a better place

The Vision

Clean oceans, pure air, healthful forests - the vision
a healthy planet were animals and humans live
together peacefully with nature and taking care
of our beautiful earth, to maintain the gift of live.

About P!U

The mission of Pick!tUp is to raise the awareness of the enormous littering that we humans create in our environment.

The goal of Pick!tUp is to go outside and enjoy nature - and if there is some litter then just take care of it, without hesitation.

With the P!U we provide a tool to make this earth a better place. Delivered to every individual willing to participate in this adventure. Assuring that we can leave earth for next generations a better place.

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that is why it is called the present.”- Master Oogway

Someone has to start!

P!U is currently individually handcrafted.

On a stick and let’s go

Finding a stick and mount P!U on it.

P!U in action

The P!U is best used in nature. Forests and fields are ideal, as sticks and branches can be found there.

Stacking rubbish

The tip can be used to create piles of rubbish. Those can be put in the bags which are hidden in the cone.


The rubbish bag, which is inside the cone, is filled and the dog is happy!

Last step

Put the collected garbage in the bin and do something good for the environment and yourself.

Order your P!U

colored P!Us

What can we do better?


vor Nutzung des Umweltfreundes


nach Nutzung des Umweltfreundes